Open Source Intelligenc (OSINT) Meta is your analytical brain for strategic and tactical analysis on contries, non-state actors, and other national security topics.

Executive Protection Meta has your back in cyberspace. No more blind angles for you.

Computer Forensics Find hidden data in computer, phones, tablets.

“With advanced information, costly mistakes can be avoided, destruction averted and the way to lasting victory made clear”. –Sun Tzu

Meta Intelligence

In 2005, Cecilia Anastos founded Meta Enterprises, LLC, a WOSB and Disadvantage Minority business, to create intelligence products that enhance the holistic decision making process of private industry executives and members of the US intelligence community (IC), Department of Defense (DoD), law enforcement agencies (LEAs) and other US government agencies by legally accessing open sources and publicly available information published in the cyberspace domain. Meta Intelligence™ is a Trademark of Meta Enterprises, LLC.

With our state-of-the-art search and analytical capabilities, and foreign language coverage, Meta becomes your eyes in the virtual world. We see what you cannot, and we bring it back to you as corporate assessments of what people all over the world (including your own employees) say about your company/brand name; business investigations of companies you are planning to partner with; competitive intelligence analysis for you to know what the competition is doing; and cyber risk management to discover whether your facilities and executives are at risk of being the subject of a disrupting protest or physical attack, and to ensure that your intellectual property and logo are not being used without your authorization. Meta also provides employee training on how to securely interact with cybertechnology (computer, smartphones, Ipads, etc.) to avoid becoming the subject of a social engineering scam that puts your entire enterprise at risk of a hack attack.


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