The cyber threat is not just a technological problem. It is also a behavioral problem. The problem resides in how people interact with cybertechnology because the operator is ultimately the weakest link of the security chain. Meta believes that education and training are key components to help mitigate the cyber threat. Meta’s instructors have many years of experience in the collection and analysis of open source and publicly available information to produce OSINT and Competitive Intelligence products that answer the question without living a trail of footprints in the process. Students learn how to collect in stealth mode.

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Meta offer on-site and online courses on:

Risk Management When You Are Online Competitive Intelligence - Collection and Analysis Social Network Collection and Analysis for Private Industry Structured Analytic Techniques for Government Organizations Understanding the Money Laundering Threat in Virtual Financial Networks
Security Lessons from Navy SEALs, CIA, FBI and Convicts! OSINT Collection and Analysis for Government Organizations Social Network Collection and Analysis for Government Organizations Structured Analytic Techniques for Private Industry Network Defense and Offense for Government Organizations